Erica Minuz

Mathematics and Didactic Adjunktvikar Lecturer
University College Copenhagen
My research interests lie in interpreting abstract mathematical concepts in visual language. Mathematical structures generate my narrations and visual storytelling. I have been working in the field of algebraic topology as a mathematician (Aarhus University) and studied art and illustration. This series of drawings focuses on understanding and visualizing topological spaces. Topological spaces are shapes in constant movement: they are floating, rotating, shrinking and squeezing. Like the organisms represented by Ernst Haeckel, they can be studied, classified, described and, especially, they can be drawn.
Topological spaces
40 x 30 cm
Pencils on black paper
This drawing is a part of a series of five drawings representing various aspects of topological spaces: dimension, classification, interpretation. Here we can see the operation of cutting and gluing surfaces in order to form new ones.