Hou-Hsun Ho

Undergraduate Student
Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan
I am a senior in National Taiwan University and have been in Prof. Bih-Yaw Jin's lab since 2019. Following the strategy of the manuscript titled "Constructing Bead Models of Smoothly Varying Carbon Nanotori with Constant Radii and Related Intersecting Structures" submitted to Bridge 2021, we design various styles of discrete space curve based on mitering carbon nanotubes. The hypothetical molecular structures are realized by mathematical beading as shown below.
Blue white red carbon nanobraid
2 x 15 x 1 cm
3 mm plastic beads, fish lines
The three strand braid is constructed by weaving three preshaped (rigid) strings obtained from repeating the unit of a segment of helix and its inversion.
Carbon nanotube 7 4 knot bead model
10 x 15 x 3 cm
3 mm plastic beads, fish lines
This bead model is a highly-symmetric representation of 7 4 knot, also know as the entangled hearts (black and white ones) knot.