Adinda van 't Klooster

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Interdisciplinary artist Adinda van ‘t Klooster works with drawing, animation, sound, light, sculpture, virtual reality and live audiovisual performance. She has developed a range of responsive sound and light installations for city councils across the UK, and her work has been exhibited an performed internationally. Many of her works show an interest in art and science and she has explored a wide range of themes. Her most recent works explore the combination of maths and nature whilst previous works explore issues of life and death, fertility, the area where the body and technology overlap and the most effective combination of audio and visuals in time-based works. Her works can be seen at:

The Wheels AreTurning
99 x 71 cm

This artwork is based on the Jordan Curve theorem and the concept of a maze and has found an aesthetically pleasing design based on forms found in nature to show this. The whole area in the circle can be reached by staying in either black or white. This design was first explored in ink and then transferred to a linocut. The time consuming nature of the making process turns it into a meditative act.