Albion Rose

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Brighton. England

The Sophia Construct is the culmination of research into Digital Fabrication Radiator Fin Technology based on the aspiration of designing flower like structures. I come from a Pipe fitting Welding Craft Fabrication background where I formulated questions as to the nature of space and how we convey that understanding through drawing. The Sophia Construct is the flagship first released design demonstrating a form of architecture I have called Holographic Modular Architecture. Through my research I have learnt to understand Geometry via drawing with the principle tools that the Gothic Cathedral builders used, The Line and The Circle using Rhino 3D software. The study has revealed the Dynamic Symmetry within the Platonic Forms through drawing

Sophia Construct
15 x 15 x 23 cm
0.5mm Polypropylene

The Sophia Construct is a Dodecahedron reflecting within itself. It is composed of 12 segments that slot together creating an extremely strong robust structure. The structure generates its own centripetal force and has no fixings. It is made up of flat sheet cut with Scissors/Laser or 3 D Printed. It can be fitted to any low heat bulb around 72 mm or constructed on its own. It is necessary to view the instructional videos as this is a completely new way of construction which is easiest understood by watching it been constructed by someone. All files can be downloaded for Free/Reflective Payment as well as other Rhino Files and images that have derived from this understanding.