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The Cymatic Crystal Funicular Oscillation Animation is an observation form the Reflective Geometric Drawing that I have developed over the past 10 Years. The Crystal is formed from the integration of the Tetrahedral Archimedian iteration constructs reflecting . The inspiration came from the study of cymatics, architecture and flowers. The Cymatic Crystals reflect whole symmetrical crystal iterations to infinity by connecting the center points creating another Cymatic Crystal within the parent construct. The computer with 3D softwaer allows for the first since 1976 absolute exact drawings that can be moved without distortion, something impossible to the Geometry masters of the past who understood geometry through drawing.

Cymatic Crystal Funicular Oscillation
Rhino 3D with Bongo animation plugin

The Cymatic Crystal Funicular Animation of the geometry of tetrahedral based Cymatic oscillation. fq. 10,800 (15) to 7,920 (11) shows the Systolic and Diastolic motions of the Holographic Reflection, giving the impression of two separate crystals interacting. In slow motion the Holographic Reflection is Seen, the Animated Geometric Drawing shows in fact One Reflection with an internal and external structure. The drawing is created in Rhino 3D and animated with Bongo plugin. The frequency is calculated by adding the internal angles of each surface plate together with the bracketed figure denoting the division by 720 of the total of the plates. (11) is the parent Crystal structure creating the next iteration (15)