Anduriel Widmark

Denver, Colorado, USA

Art is a good excuse to play. Play is a fun way to try on new realities. Exploring patterns and symmetry through abstraction presents an opportunity to look outside of a regular pattern of seeing. Relationships between underlying forces exemplify the inseparability of structure and narration. Structures and voids organize a lattice around these distinctions and connections.

Glass Mobius
50 x 50 x 50 cm
flame worked borosilicate glass

This glass mobius strip was made with three half twists. The band has a single edge that traces a trefoil knot. Approximately twelve meters of 6 millimeter glass rod was used to construct the sculpture. The one sided ruled surface can also be seen as a mobius strip with 72 holes.

Tetrastix Lattice
200 x 70 x 20 cm
#2 pencil

A large cubic lattice of pencils. The simple cubic non-intersecting tetrastix cylinder arrangement extends covering the wall with over 720 pencils.