Arianna Ferreri

Artista e maestra d'arte
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Conservatorio Gaetano Donizzetti di Bergamo.
Bergamo ( Italia)

I am Arianna Ferreri artist, musician. Researcher in the field of art and education. My love comes from how the artistic path has acted in my experience, in my growth. I teach art to all ages and I would like to transmit these practices through the development of the senses with matter, body and what I consider the grammar that belongs to the language of art. Graduated in Fine Arts I continue to study music and visual arts which are my great and deep passion. I continue to confront myself with international artists through sculpture, drawing, performance. I have always studied sculpture from high school to university and in recent years I have deepened my performing practices integrating them with the study of the body and music.

"forme uniche nella contiguità dello spazio"
50 x 35 cm
paper, wood

The following work stems from my love for sculpture. The construction and the constant study and comparison with nature. Platonic solids are the inspiration and a foundation of the study of art. The method of making sculpture through models and the study of the forms that originate the images gave birth to "unique forms in the contiguity of space". It is part of the "remake" series that I have been making over the last year, associating elements of the visual arts by re-reading them and changing their profile. This is a table of method aimed at the grammar of structures and forms between solids and voids for a development in space. They become of fundamental use for a geometry of forms towards a visual/functional and human horizon.