Biagio Di Carlo

Architect at my own 'Design Science Studio'
Pescara (Italy)

Biagio Di Carlo (b. December 28, 1950) has been teaching for years at the Art Institute of Pescara. Now he is retired and works full time at its 'Design Science Studio' carrying out plans and researches on design science structures in bamboo and 'arundo donax’ cane.

Known nationally and internationally for his publications and studies regarding ‘Design Science Structures’, architect Biagio Di Carlo received his degree in Architecture in 1976 from the University of Pescara. His thesis, written under the advisement of Eduardo Vittoria, received the maximum possible score and was published. Since then he has been invited to hold workshops, lectures and seminars all over the world. BDC is an architect, graphic designer and musician.

38 x 45 x 45 cm
20 wood struts, 55 rigid tendons, membranes in lycra (6 pentagonal stars + 10 triangular stars)

In this structure, elastic membranes (lycra) and zig zag pattern tendons would fulfill the tension task. 20 wood struts are in compression. The equivalent sphere can be done by using 30 struts and 90 tendons. The structure is inspirated by the work of my great friend Kenneth Snelson. This tensegrity model can be referred to: mathematics, geometry, architecture, engineering, art and design science. This artwork of mine is unique because I used decorative membranes and tendons together ( generally conventional tensegrities are made with struts and tendons only). Tensegrity uses components that represent the same forces of attraction anf repulsion we can find in the atoms of the matter and in the shape of our galaxy.