Christopher A. Arthur

Math Tutor
Collin College
Plano, Texas, USA

Years ago when I was a doctoral student in mathematics, I would study geometry and musical scales, sometimes making use of my office computer for numerical results. One day in the hallway at school I struck up a conversation (with a tech service employee) having the aim to voice my discontent about the lack of good software in the office. I went home, and on my way there I got arrested and sent to jail (because the tech had called the police and told them I was suspicious). They charged me with a felony of terrorist threat, I spent two months in custody before they dropped all the charges, and as a result, I didn't have time to study for a qualifying exam. I failed it, never finished school, and went back to Mom's house for good.

One Banded Knot
100 x 100 x 40 cm
Ripstop Nylon and Carbon Fiber Rod

A trefoil knot made from carbon fiber rod forms the backbone of this ruled surface torus. This shape is the second in a series that began with a play on words using "knot" and "band". The first shape in the same media is a Mobius strip with 3 1/2-turns, which I called the "One Knot Band", jokingly referring to how nobody could stop me from making it or putting in on display in the junior college where I work part-time as a math tutor.