Curtis L Palmer

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

50 years ago I started modelling geometries based on the icosahedron with aid of computer.

As a bipedal ape that did not evolve with computers as a selection pressure, I have done my best to cope.

I hate when people say "My thinking has evolved!"

If I said, 'I hate the people who said such nonsense.' you could arrest me.

To be generous those people may have 'learned'?

I am the product of evolution but I have not evolved nor will I. I can only learn.

Evolution is a generational thing. Sacred.

From chaos some structures arose with essence of 5 to make a concave eye.

My eye has constrained me to be a Raster Man, delighted by 5's intimate relation with 3 and 2, simultaneously embodied in the icosahedron, as shown.

My Man Del Brought 3 Icosahedra to the Party
48 x 33 cm
electrons, silicon, photons, brain, paper, ink

This image is a cel of an animation where only light moves.

60 surfaces derived from the Icosahedron (phi is everywhere within) are texture mapped with,

MANDELBROT SET IMAGE 13 - "JULIA ISLAND" by Wolfgang Beyer (Ultra Fractal 3). Some rights reserved.

60 surfaces are rendered in each of 3 views aligned to the axes of symmetry of the Icosahedron.

The surfaces are triangles connecting points within the icosahedron: mid-edges, mid-faces and origin.

Transparency is applied.

A series of frames of fixed geometry with texture map in rotation produces an animation.

Each cel in the animation is unique depending on image, it's orientation and the function defining the rotation.

Inspiration: RBF's Geoscope.