Helen Frank


In the tradition of the French avant garde, Helen Frank playfully explores mathematically creative methodologies by inventing and enacting constraints that function as a structure to produce art work; she is often found working within the realms of graph theory.

Isomorphic Blue Nude, after Matisse
Digital collage (animation stills)
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The graph isomorphism problem asks whether two graphs are the same graph in disguise when there is a one-to-one correspondence between their vertices. A coloring algorithm can be used to solve the graph isomorphism problem by assigning colors to the graph edges; through a process of elimination the algorithm works to a solution whereby adjacent edges are a different color thus making it possible to see that the connection between vertices has been preserved. If a graph can be described as being in disguise, can this also be the case for a work of art? Blue Nude is currently held in the collection of the Pompidou Centre Paris, here she has been given a series of "disguises" and with that, maybe her chance to escape...