Stefan Hintz


For the creation of my art I have developed my own software for the processing of tessellations over the years. The software does not create the art. It is more like a canvas on which pre-constructed shapes can be placed precisely.

I can choose from hundreds of equilateral shapes, which I pre-constructed using only integer ratios.

In my other software, which allows also non-equilateral shapes, I pre-constructed over thousand different shapes.

Magic Eight Rosettes

This artwork is inspired by traditional islamic art. Since I do not use compass and ruler, I am not restricted to constructible shapes. Which offers the opportunity to explore 7-fold and 14-fold symmetries.

The relationship to math is, creating rational angled polygons from integer sequences.

And it took me a while to develop an own straight skeleton algorithm for lifting 2D shapes into the third dimension.

This pattern is based on rings of 14 heptastars around 14-fold rosettes. The center rosette is surrounded by 7 similar rosettes.

Yin Yang Checker

This artwork is obviously inspired by the well-known Yin and Yang symbol.

I like rhombic tilings because they are a projection of a multidimensional rectangular grid into the Euclidean plane. This is one of the many possible rhombic tilings of a regular hexacontagon. It consists of two parts that form a yin and yang shape. But here these parts are not black and white as usual. This time one half is black and white checkered, while the other half is colorful and shines metallically. On each rhombus there is a pyramid to give it a three-dimensional effect with physical lighting.