Gianluca Stasi

Architect, Activist, Artist, PhD Student at Architecture Faculty of the Universidad de Sevilla.
Seville, Spain

Architect by training, I have explored privately the fields of mathematic and geometry. Today they constitute a cornerstone of my practice which focuses on architectural processes linked to socio-cultural processes.

At the same time I develop a more intimate artistic production in which I explore with freedom and curiosity those ideas and questions that lie beneath the surface during the typical architectural practice, without the pressures that sociocultural processes demand.

For me artworks are an opportunity to develop the more spiritual aspects of research. During architectural works there is a continuous interaction with the community, while during the production of artworks, silence and serenity promote reflection and epiphanies

230 x 230 x 230 cm

“Aire” is a wooden sphere 2.3 meters in diameter. Its geometry seems simple at first glance, but a more detailed observation reveals that it is composed of complex yet simple interlocking shapes that, to a public unfamiliar with spherical geometry, may seem unpredictable.

I work with curved pieces without constraints, allowing their irregular subdivision, being able to freely design their arrangement on the sphere’s surface.

Once those sculptures are exposed to the public, a conversation about mathematics naturally begins, not only among the public of math enthusiasts, but also among the general public, who, attracted by their iconic power, spend a few minutes guessing and trying to understand the rules behind what they observe.