Janna Lumiruusu

Tampere University
Tampere, Suomi (Finland)

This work of crochet is an exploration of movement and gravity through iterative algorithmic expression. The incremental crocheting process brought about an understanding of how bodies move to generate spin. As my body breathed and pulsed, while moving my hands and arms, looking with my eyes and fingers to check each stitch in place. This relationship of discrete counting, continuous bodily interaction with material, the cold crochet hook, and the tension of the yarn afforded simultaneously a continuous and discrete bodily understanding of matter, space and motion. As I counted each stitch, verifying the number of each iteration, I internalised this process of nine stitches in every eight.

An Expression of Gravity: Body makes wave
5 x 21 x 21 cm
wool-silk blend

This hyperbolic pseudosphere is a representational model of gravity, or gravitational waves. It is in spiral revolution around and away from the centre with nine for every eight single crochet stitches. By increasing every eighth stitch by one (two stitches in one loop), negative curvature is generated. Each stitch represents a moment of spin from a planet-like, or spheroidal body, in space. The gravity well is formed from the conical centre of the pseudosphere, which is folded in on itself two times to make the well and the two ring-waves around it. The continuous cyclical stitch-pattern results in spiral formation, making waves in the frill-like edges of the hyperbolic form — reaching out into space.