Partha Krishna

Palo Alto High School
California, USA

Through my love of origami, I came across the exciting world of tesselations. I found them very interesting, as the folds would always come together geometrically and beautifully as I was folding. After folding some tesselations such as Eric Gjerde's spread hex tesselation, among others, I started to modify pre-existing tesselations. After that, I started to fold and make my own tesselations. I worked off of basic ideas and modified them to be much more intricate and beautiful. My tesselations are meant to explore the concept of recurring geometric figures, while also drawing attention to the space in between these figures

Triangle Grid Within a Grid
61 x 63 x 1 cm
Saturn Stardream Paper

I wanted to make a tessellation that had a three-dimensional quality to it because such designs are relatively unexplored. I first started experimenting on a gridded paper with folds that had depth. After some experimentation, I came up with the idea to group the fold modules in triangles. Eventually, I converged on a design that resembled a triangle grid, hence the name Triangle Grid Within a Grid. The special quality of this piece is its various levels of depth, with the flat hexagons and the peaks on the triangle edges. These levels add another level of complexity to the piece, adding another level of detail when viewed from different angles. Here is a more detailed presentation -