Richard Harrington

Berkshire County Massachusetts USA

This photo is from an exhibition entitled FINITE INFINITY II from 2019. The surfaces of the Archimedean polytope sculptures observe the rules of The Euler Schlaefli Equation: V-E+F-C=0 which has been my conceptual mainstay for over twelve years. The works are assembled from either hardware cloth or aluminum screen. Theater light projects a spectrum onto the surfaces of the sculptures, and they flicker into moiré patterns as they move. The title refers to visual distance…the closer a viewer approaches the work, the more their surface seems to become infinite. From further away they are more obviously finite.

75 x 180 x 75 cm
Origami Folded hardware cloth and aluminum screen

A Harvard mathematician looking at some artwork I made long ago used a term FINITE INFINITY, it stayed with me for a while, and I was thus inspired to realize this dimensionally. The four objects are folded in an origami technique and include, from left to right, a form of stellated icosahedron, a cubeoctahedron, a degeneratively stellated dodecahedron, and a pentakis dodecahedron.

Degeneratively stellated icosahedron
30 x 30 x 30 cm
folded aluminum screen and projected theater light

Viewers of the work were allowed to pick up the artwork and move them around in the light to their delight and intrigue (and mine.)