Rongrong Zhou

Doctoral candidate, writer/artist/curator
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Design School
Beijing, China

As a writer, curator and artist with background in math and art history, art forms and theories that connect the 2 subjects are of my major research and art making interest. The topic ever lasts since human exist, and is pushed forward in the cultural realm under the surge of technical advance. Music, philosophically, aesthetically and technically, fits the study interest and has immense potential for creation and recreation. And Bach's music is among those with strongest mathematical intuition.

The work has not dealt with the group theory deeply related to music, but the connection is thus clear. The process of employing software brings desirable uncertainty for visual art. Explanation please see video

Rhythm Tower: Goldberg Variations BWV.988 - Aria
15 x 27 cm
digital animation with sound

This is an algorithm animation and music installation based on Bach J.S's Goldberg Variations BWV.988 - Aria . It employs and manifests the innate connection of math and music, and creates synesthesia experience. Size is flexible.

It illustrates the data of Aria, including key, velocity and the structure of the music piece into a visual tower. 4 major parts are portrayed as 4 floors. Each line segment represents a note, and the surrounding edge of each floor is composed of the velocity data of the part. Viewing from bottom to top corresponds to timeline from beginning to end, and the connected proceeding line segments in animation show how the key number variates with time. Colors are calculated by a function of time and key number.