Sharol Nau

Northfield, Minnesota, USA

I've been an artist since the 1970's. In recent years I've based some of my artwork on simple math problems. My artistic practice involves taking a simple mathematical idea and enhancing its visual interest through technique, color and texture.

How Many Triangles Do You See, Base Four
25 x 25 cm
Paper collage

Let T(n) be the number of similar triangles formed when an isosceles triangle of base length n is subdivided into similar triangles of base length 1. For the case n = 4, in addition to the original base-4 triangle there are 13 base-1 triangles as well as three of base-3 and seven of base-2 for a total of T(4) = 27. For n = 5, T(5) = 48. In general T(n) = ?