Erika Iris

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Recently I've been illustrating a whimsical history of math and science in a series I call GLDN

I have completed 30 illustrations so far; I hope to have 78 by the end

Each drawing has an accompanying text, a straightforward description of the person or idea as well as a few lines of poetry, like a Zen koan

I intend to publish it as a book.

Euler and the Seven Bridges of Königsberg
43 x 25 cm
ink on paper

Here we celebrate Leonard Euler and one of the most beautiful equations in all of mathematics.

This illustration depicts the moon as the unit circle, the revolutions are cyclical in the complex plane, like the phases of the moon with positive and negative values. Euler stands in the middle of a castle, topologically equivalent to his Konigsberg Bridge Problem. Can you pass over each stairway and ladder exactly once?

spin like a Sufi

in all your manifestations

your template remains unchanged

we are all bounded

Poincare and The Three Body Problem
43 x 25 cm
charcoal on paper

This illustration celebrates the colossal 19th century mathematician Poincare who anticipated Chaos Theory and solved The Three Body Problem. The shapes making up his face and hair are inspired by graphs of strange attractors. He was in charge of coal mining operations in France, so I drew this in charcoal

punch holes in space like paper mâché

be swallowed by the vortex

or saunter forever away