Susan Gerofsky & Zsofin Sheehy

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education/ Videographer
University of British Columbia/ Hornby Arts
Vancouver, BC, Canada/ Hornby Island, BC, Canada
Susan Gerofsky's research is in the embodied teaching and learning of mathematics through the arts, and often out-of-doors on the land. Many people equate mathematics with highly precise measurements, calculations, correctness, and memorization of tables and formulas, rather than with imagination, playful exploration of patterns and curious experimentation with variance and invariance, and turn away from math for those reasons. Gerofsky hopes to catalyze a restorying of mathematics through this longitudinal project and study with a whole intergenerational community.

Zsofin Sheehy is an independent filmmaker working with Hornby Arts on Hornby Island, BC, Canada. Filmmaking as a medium has given her the chance to marry her creative passions into one art form while also helping to facilitate a platform for other artists to showcase their works. She is passionate about working with other people and has a keen focus on detail, visual beauty and story.
Mathematical Labyrinths Workshop, Hornby Island
Producer: Susan Gerofsky Director/Editor: Zsofin Sheehy Camera Assistant: Kris Krüg Drone Footage: Julian Laffin Sound Editor: Liam Wheatley
This film is about Year 1 of 5 year a project on restorying math with a whole intergenerational community, through the arts. Through shared explorations of intriguing mathematical patterning, we hope that people will have start to have better stories and friendlier relationships with math.

Mathematical explorations with labyrinths included: experimentation with variants and invariants in classical labyrinth "seeds" <>; exploring unicursal, bicursal and Roman labyrinth designs <>; and understanding the geometry of the Gardner's Double Appleton labyrinth dance, where two people can walk arm-in-arm through the labyrinth, even though one is entering the labyrinth and the other is leaving it <>.

Many thanks to all the community members on Hornby Island, BC, Canada who participated in and co-led the workshop!