Dorota Celińska-Kopczyńska and Eryk Kopczyński

Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland
Dorota Celińska-Kopczyńska works at the Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw. Her research interests cover visualization and applications of non-Euclidean geometries. She also analyzes social networks. She speaks fluently econometrics, statistics, and machine learning.
Portals to Non-Euclidean Worlds
animation: Tehora and Zeno Rogue, music: "The Portal" by Timo Petmanson
Portals are usually openings in walls of buildings, gates, or fortifications that allow entrance to an important structure.

Popular culture and art extended this meaning.

Portals refer to technological or magical doorways connecting two distant locations.

In this video we use portals to explore various geometries.
- a portal from Euclidean geometry to product geometry (H2xE)
- a portal from product geometry (H2xE) to hyperbolic geometry
- a portal from product geometry (H2xE) to Solv geometry
- a great circle portal in spherical geometry
- Solv and hyperbolic geometry connected with portals
- flying portals in Solv geometry
- flying portals in Nil geometry
- knotted portal in Euclidean geometry