Onye Ndika

Designs By Onye
Fishers, IN, USA
As an artist, I enjoy pondering aspects of geometric complexity in nature as well as modern & industrial design. More than anything else, I enjoy creating with glass beads. The majority of my pieces are explorations and representations of platonic & Archimedean geometry, and experiments with hydrocarbon structures such as graphene. My desire is to integrate an analytical process with my creative intuition in order to manifest high-quality, sculptural art pieces that are functional, thought-provoking, inspirational and engaging. This is simply one of the many gifts God has given to me; I believe strongly that creating this art is my life’s purpose. I want to use my creative abilities to inspire others that wish to do the same.
Hope Springs Eternal
6 x 6 x 2 cm
Czech glass 2mm round beads, Czech 2mm firepolish crystals, size 11 triangle beads, size 15 glass seed beads, 6lb. monofilament
A spiral-formed torus, created using triangle weave. This microsculpture is a wearable art piece, which has a soft and stretchy texture. An exploration of the infinite--or un-quantified--reaches of time, and the simultaneous concept of having Hope, as long as time continues.