Fashion Show Submission Instructions

Welcome, designers! We are excited to review your garments and accessories for the third annual 2020 Bridges Math + Fashion Show to take place at Bridges Aalto! For more information about the Bridges conference, please visit the main website. Submissions will be open from March 1 - March 31.


The fashion show will consist of a runway presentation of juried garments and accessories that showcase mathematical themes. A variety of styles can be submitted, from a single item to a complete collection of looks. We welcome a variety of looks that utilize different fabrications and aesthetic styles. In addition, we are hoping for a diverse show that is inclusive of models at all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. However, since this fashion show is part of a professional conference, we will only accept works with substantive mathematical content that are appropriate for a family audience.

By submitting your work to Bridges and/or showcasing your work at Bridges, you grant Bridges, for any accepted works, non-exclusive rights to use your text and images on its website, in its print and digital proceedings, catalog, lookbook, and for promotional purposes. You further grant third parties the right to reproduce your text and images in reports on and reviews of the conference. For collaborative works, or works submitted on behalf of another individual, the submitting individual warrants that he or she has obtained any rights necessary to grant the rights described above. Bridges will make a reasonable effort to ensure that all text and images are properly attributed to the creator(s).


We plan to produce a lookbook for the fashion show, similar to the art exhibition catalog, which will be available for purchase at the conference. Submitted images should therefore be of high quality.

Please note that any photos submitted may be touched up (for example, white balancing) to give the lookbook a consistent and uniform quality. The prose accompanying the accepted works may be copy edited to be consistent with Bridges standards of academic rigor. Any edits to your photos or prose will be sent to you for review prior to the printing of the lookbook.

Review Criteria

Review criteria include:

  • Mathematical content (This is a mathematically sophisticated audience.)
  • Expository text (The prose should be free of unsubstantiated claims and written at a level consistent with the academic rigor of the Bridges Conference.)
  • Aesthetic appeal (This is admittedly highly subjective.)
  • Craftsmanship (The level of skill and effort that goes into making an effective presentation of the idea.)
  • Innovative design (Pushing fashion in new directions. Has it been seen before?)
  • Runway Impact (Will it be visible on the runway to the entire audience or just the front row?)


Submissions must be completed between March 1, 2020 and March 31, 2020. Notification of acceptance will be made via e-mail by May 15, 2020. If you do not receive an email by May 15, that means your mail server is rejecting the e-mails. In that case, it is essential that you contact us at

Requirements and Submission Process

We advise all applicants to complete and save their submission responses external to the submission form, as there is a chance it will time out and your responses will not be saved. It can be frustrating to start the process again from the beginning, so please save your responses in a separate document and simply copy and paste them into the appropriate fields.

Log in with an existing account or create a new account

All designers must have an account on this website in order to submit to the Math+Fashion Show. If you already have an account, click Log In. If you don’t have an account, click Create a new account and provide a username, valid email address, and password. Once you create your account, you will be automatically logged in and can create your submission.

Creating and editing your submission

Log in to the website and click Add Fashion Submission, and fill out the form. Note that required fields will be marked with an asterisk (*). When you are finished, click Save. You can go back and edit your submissions at any time up until the submission deadline by clicking My Fashion Submissions.

Submission Details

Each submission must be one look. If you are a jewelry designer with relatively small works, we encourage you to connect with an apparel designer to create a joint look. If both are accepted the jewelry and apparel will walk on the runway together as one look. However, you will still get separate designer pages in the lookbook. Please specify in your submission whether you will be creating a joint look with another designer and the names of the other designer’s piece(s) in the “comments to jurors” field.

What constitutes a look? A look is generally a head-to-toe presentation. However if your single garment is large enough to be visually impactful on the runway, it can still be accepted. An example would be a shirt, skirt, or a shawl. You will be responsible for providing the “rest” of the look in cases where submissions are only a partial look. However, you can request that models bring basic garments to pair with your look, such as a pair of jeans, or a black tshirt.

At least one of the photos in each submission must show the item(s) being worn either by a person or on a dress form or mannequin, so the jurors can better visualize how it will appear on the runway for determining runway impact. For each submission, designers are welcome (but not required) to upload an additional 7 photographs to include detail shots, overall shots, and views from different angles, for inclusion in the lookbook. If your submission is accepted, you will be invited to send additional photos and media such as process shots, fashion illustrations, or design schematics for possible inclusion in the lookbook as well.

You will need to provide a description for each item in a look. While at least one dominant item in a look needs to have substantial mathematical content, not all items in a look are required to be mathematical. For instance, if your look consists of a blouse and pants, but only the blouse has mathematical significance, that is perfectly acceptable, and the description of the pants need not include mathematical details. Only the blouse will be judged for math content but the overall look will still be evaluated for aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Sizing information should be more specific than simply “small” or “medium”, unless this is a look you will model yourself or a one-size fits all garment. If it is a jewelry item, please provide dimensions. If it is a fitted garment, please provide bust/waist/hip/inseam measurements as applicable or whatever fitting information you think is most relevant for finding a model.

Each submission should consist of the following for each look:

  1. The name(s) of the item(s) in each look.
  2. A description of at most 1500 characters (roughly 250 words) for the judging committee. Your description should include techniques used and mathematical ideas.
  3. One or more photographs of the look being worn for the judging committee, akin to the art exhibit catalog photos.
  4. The designated person in charge of the submission(s), who may be the submitter and must be attending Bridges Aalto. We do not have funds or infrastructure to bring items to and from the conference, so designers are responsible for bringing the items themselves or designating a surrogate.

There are also spaces for you to enter information on your fashion label/brand if applicable, and on your modeling needs. Please note that if you have multiple accepted submissions, you will not be able to model all of your looks, due to the timing of the runway.

If you have a video of your fashion in motion you may provide a link in the ‘comments to jurors’ section.


Designers or their delegates are required to attend the conference and bring the accepted items with them. Post acceptance, the planning committee will be in touch with each designer (and their delegate) to discuss details, including lookbook layout, model fitting, a rehearsal, and logistics of the show. The model fitting and rehearsal is not yet scheduled but will likely happen July 31. Non-attending designers will still have to register for the conference under the non-attending artist option. Works submitted will not be insured, so the designers assume all risk of damage or theft. The fashion show is not connected to the art exhibition and has completely separate judging. If you have a work in the art exhibition that you would like to be part of the fashion show, we might be able to make arrangements with the art exhibit to borrow the piece for the duration of the fashion show.


Questions related to the fashion show or to the use of this website should be addressed by e-mail to