Fashion Show Submission Instructions

Welcome, designers! We are excited to review your garments and accessories for the second annual 2019 Bridges Math + Fashion Show to take place at Bridges Linz! For more information about the Bridges conference, please visit the main website. Submissions will be open from April 1 to May 1, 2019.


The fashion show will consist of a runway presentation of juried garments and accessories that showcase mathematical themes. A variety of styles can be submitted, from a single item to a complete collection of looks. We welcome a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. However, since this fashion show is part of a professional conference, we will only accept works with substantive mathematical content that are appropriate for a family audience.

By submitting your work to Bridges and/or exhibiting your work at Bridges, you grant Bridges, for any accepted works, non-exclusive rights to use your text and images on its website, in its print and digital proceedings, catalog, look book, and for promotional purposes. You further grant third parties the right to reproduce your text and images in reports on and reviews of the conference. For collaborative works, or works submitted on behalf of another individual, the submitting individual warrants that he or she has obtained any rights necessary to grant the rights described above. Bridges will make a reasonable effort to ensure that all text and images are properly attributed to the artist(s).

This year, we plan to produce a Look Book for the fashion show, which will be available for purchase at the conference. Submitted images should therefore be of high quality.

Review Criteria

Review criteria include:

  • Mathematical content (This is a mathematically sophisticated audience.)
  • Aesthetic appeal (This is admittedly highly subjective.)
  • Craftsmanship (The level of skill and effort that goes into making an effective presentation of the idea.)
  • Innovative design (Pushing fashion in new directions. Has it been seen before?)
  • Runway Impact (Will it visible on the runway to the entire audience or just the front row?)


Submissions must be completed between April 1, 2019 and May 1, 2019. Notification of acceptance will be made via e-mail by May 20, 2019. If you do not receive an email by May 20, that means your mail server is rejecting the e-mails. In that case, it is essential that you contact us at

Requirements and Submission Process

Note that you will only be able to create an account, log in, and submit work once the submission window is open.

Log in with an existing account or create a new account

All designers must have an account on this website in order to submit to the 2019 Math+Fashion Show. If you already have an account, click Log In. If you don’t have an account, click Create a new account and provide a username, valid email address, and password. Once you create your account, you will be automatically logged in and can create your submissions.

Creating and editing your submissions

Log in to the website and click Add Fashion Submission, and fill out the form. Note that required fields will be marked with an asterisk (*). When you are finished, click Save. You can go back and edit your submissions at any time up until the submission deadline by clicking My Fashion Submissions.

Submission Details

There will be a limit of 6 submissions per designer, however each submission may contain multiple items or looks. Selections shall be made so that no one designer dominates the runway time.

Multiple works (up to 8) can be grouped into the same submission if they share a strong conceptual relationship and are meant to be showcased together (eg, jewelry items that are meant to be worn together or a collection of multiple looks). Items under the same submission will be judged together (either all or none of the works within that submission will be accepted). Items under separate submissions will be judged independently.

Each submission will consist of the following:

  1. Name of Designer(s)
  2. Name of label/brand (if applicable)
  3. Designer Biography
  4. Website
  5. Model Information
  6. A thumbnail image to represent the submission on this website, if it is accepted
  7. One to eight items/works. For each item:
    • Title
    • Year of Completion
    • Medium
    • A description of at most 1500 characters (roughly 250 words) for the judging committee. Your description should include mathematical ideas behind the item.
    • Sizing information
    • One representative image for the judging committee, akin to the art exhibit catalog photos
    • Photo credit (if applicable)
  8. One or two additional images representing the collection as a whole (optional)
  9. Supplementary media link (Optional. You may provide a link to supplementary media for inclusion in the Look Book. The content in this link will not be used in the judging process. If you have an image that you’d like projected during your runway segment, include that here as well.)
  10. The designated person in charge of the submission(s), who may be the submitter and must be attending Bridges Linz. We do not have funds or infrastructure to bring items to and from the conference, so artists are responsible for bringing the items themselves or designating a surrogate.

Image Requirements

You may upload up to 10 images per submission total: one representative image for each item/work (up to 8), plus an additional 2 images for the overall collection/look. Images should be JPEG files (.jpg or .jpeg extension), exactly 2400 pixels in the larger direction, 300dpi, RGB format, saved with maximum quality. It is important that you upload high quality images now, because this file will be used for the Look Book if your work is accepted.

You may provide a link (eg Google Drive or Dropbox) to additional images with alternate views or “making-of” photographs or other graphics for possible inclusion in the look book, however the content in this link will not be used during the selection process. Examples of additional content for inclusion in the look book include design schematics, fashion illustrations of the concept, earlier iterations of the final design, etc. You may also provide your brand logo if applicable.


Designers or their delegates are required to attend the conference and bring the accepted items with them. Post acceptance, the planning committee will be in touch with each designer to discuss details, including look book layout, model requirements, a rehearsal, and logistics of the show.


Questions related to the fashion show or to the use of this website should be addressed by e-mail to