Antal Kelle


ArtFormer Studio, Hungarian Art Association

Budaörs, HUNGARY


I create my geometrical objects in one hand with traditional sculpture making technology, on the other hand with high technology for interactivity and moving posibility. I work with "everyday's" geometrical solids and constructions unusually, I make them parts, deformate and project them. I make several new movable objects, what can transform from abstract to organical forms and vice versa. These give visitors possibilities to discover.


Image for entry 'Antal Kelle: Indian Desire - interactive moving sculpture modell (3D)'

Antal Kelle: Indian Desire - interactive moving sculpture modell (3D)

24" x 24" x 24"

Stainless steel + paint wood + acril glass + monitor


It is a modell of 80 feet high moving steel tower, named column, what is building in India, Ahmedabad. The shape of the column came from the traditional hindu's tempels and muslim's mosques (like Cutab Minar). I combined and abstracted these forms into a nonregular prism, cut it with flats into 6 pieces. Moving steel sculpture will twist, change shapes and colours controlled by the visitors (with the help of sophisticated powered robotic motors and a special software.)
Image for entry 'Antal Kelle: HELIX interactive composition 3D'

Antal Kelle: HELIX interactive composition 3D

400 x 400 x 400 mm (3D)

Warnished beech wood, with moving structure inside


Helix interactive moving composition contains 2 similar parts. Both of them is movable as they have 10 turnable segments. Start forms were simple but deformatted cones, I cut them with flats. (An object of variable shape comprising segments, the segments being arranged consecutively adjoing each other along sectioning surfaces which devide the object into segments, the segments being movable along the sectioning surfaces with respect to each other, wherein at each of the sectioning surfaces a sectioning outline, defined by the sectioning surface on the outside of the objects, forms and outline, shape belonging to the particular sectioning surface.)
Image for entry 'KREABAU'


50 x 25 x 25 cm (3D work)

Painted wood


This object is a set of basic geometrical solids, that are cutted with other regular geometrical forms. These deformated spheres, cylinders and cubes are not handicaps, but becomes others than regular forms, there have directions, and individuality. They give many possibilities for building cubistic sculptures.