I focus on depicting the energetic building blocks of the universe, the grid upon which the molecules of the physical world are arranged. The recurring patterns and use of the colors of the rainbow are intentional and significant as they are the “grammar” of the universal language which is expressed in every aspect of nature. None of my work is computer generated, and this is important because my challenge as an artist and human being is to embody these sacred geometries and then express those forms through the movement of my physical body.


Image for entry 'Large Quantum Froth'

Large Quantum Froth

48 " x 48 " orignal (24" x 24" print)

acrylic paint on wood


"Large Quantum Froth" depicts the relationship of light wavelengths and how they interact. This piece also explores a pattern of circle packing and how it relates to a Mobius transformation-inspired impossible grid. (The grid is impossible because, although it does not look so to our eye, all of the angles are right angles.) This painting is built upon a set of rules. There are no straight lines, and all lines are circles. In some areas, no lines may cross, in others, lines may cross but circles may only overlap or nest next to one another as described by the Mobius transformation. Each circle's diameter is associated with a particular color of the rainbow, and the circles maintain the same proportional relationship to one another at every level of scale throughout the image. This pattern of bubbles within bubbles mimics the arrangement of matter down to its smallest level.
Image for entry 'Quantum Froth'

Quantum Froth

24" x 24"

acrylic paint on wood


"Quantum Froth" explores a series of internally-consistent rules. In this painting, there are no straight lines. All lines are circles, and there are no endpoints. No lines may cross. Each circle's diameter is associated with a particular color, and the diameters relate to each other proportionally. Red is always the largest circle, as red is the longest wavelength, with orange being 1/2 of red, yellow 1/3, down to violet 1/7. These color proportions are consistent on every scale (red will always be the largest, violet always 1/7th of red)
Image for entry 'Children of True Humanity'

Children of True Humanity

48" x 48" (or digital print 24 x 36, or digital projection if poss.)

acrylic paint on wood


This painting is all about the intersection of the abstract human energy field and the anthropomorphic (two-armed, two-legged, one-headed) human form. Unlike other paintings where I use a more literal 'translation' of these ideas onto the 2D surface (and spheres appear as flat, overlapping circles) "Children..." uses tricks of perspective and subtle uses of color to create the illusion of rounded spheres and volumetric vortexes and their various intersections. In terms of math, "Children..." explores the recurring themes of color, shape, and proportion as it applies to light waves. There is an inner consistency to each painting, where a circle of a particular diameter is always associated with a particular color, and the colors are always arranged according to ROYGBIV (the rainbow). The lobe-like shapes in the painting arise from use of the Mobius Transformation, a recurring theme in all of these paintings.