Jean Constant


Hermay NM

Santa Fe, NM, USA


Mathematics represent for visual artists universal the expression of abstract intelligence at its best. It is the fertile ground that inspires me to celebrate both our collective intellectual achievements and the unsurpassed qualities of its association with our more tangible environment. The development of computer technology pioneers in the field of mathematical visualization such as Dr Palais and its 3D XxplorMath software have been of great help and inspiration in allowing me to pursue further my interest in that direction.


Image for entry 'The origin of Time'

The origin of Time


Mixed media on canvas


Part of a series on hyperboles from the original templates of Bernie Freidin and created for a lecture at the Santa Fe Contemporary Art Center. Reflection on the nature of mathematics and its cultural connotation. In this particular example associated to Celtic art techniques, the object is turned or the patterns allowed to dissolve and reform themselves into different configurations. The 12 plates series is available at:
Image for entry 'Batik construct'

Batik construct


mixed media on canvas


Part of a series on conformal maps (c.m. # 5). Created with 3D-XplorMath, a mathematical visualization software conceived by Dr. Palais and SeamlessMaker, an image processing utility developed by Géraud Bousquet. The 16 plates series is available at:
Image for entry 'Conformal map # 15'

Conformal map # 15


Mixed media on canvas


Conformal maps are invaluable for solving problems in engineering and physics and are expressed in terms of functions of a complex variable. This visualization is part of a series reflecting on this phenomenon. The series was created with R. Palais 3D Xplormath software and is available at: