Richard Hooper

Associate Professor of Fine Art and Design

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool, UK


My research interest is in the application of CAD/CAM methodologies to sculptural form. My work is abstract, geometric and minimalist. I am interested in Platonistic Idealism and the notion of the sublime and the relationship between mathematics and art. I am also interested in the changing notion of the sculptor in (or out of) the studio and the implication for that of digital and sculptural practice.


Image for entry 'Trinity'


75mm x 320mm x 330mm

Cast Acrylic


The submission is a sculpture based on three conjoined forms derived from variations of the Versica Piscis lens shape. Where the classical Versica Piscis has two equal circles such that the centre of each circle lies on the circumference of the other, those in the submitted piece are spaced such that the height of the major axis of the modified Versica Piscis lens is equal to half the height of the conventional Versica Piscis (giving a smaller and slimmer lens shape). This shape is then bisected and rotated through 360 degrees to create a solid ('American Football' shaped) torpedo. The forms are then obliquely truncated at both ends by two mirrored planes set at thirty degrees to the major axis and intersecting at a point halfway along the radius (set at ninety degrees to the major axis) of a circle circumscribing the modified Versica Piscis lens shape. The truncated faces of the three forms are then mated in CAD to construct the solid three dimensional abstract form submitted.