Sean R Stewart

freelance artist

Owen Sound


Sean obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1993 with a special interest in physics and mathematics. He subsequently obtained a post-graduate degree in the health sciences field in 1997. He applies his mathematical background to his photography and paintings to create 'organized randomness' in his work. Currently he is exploring x-ray photography using expired medical film and intensifying screens. Mathematical Paintings: These images originated by first selecting a photograph which had the appropriate colour palate I was looking for. Using mathematical formulas and pushing pixels around manually with a mouse or pen tablet, the images were formed. Some still resemble the original photo, while others are only similar in their colour. Some images have thousands of formulas applied to them, taking many weeks to complete. All of the mathematical pieces were created using open source software.


Image for entry 'algebraic blister'

algebraic blister


Digital print on canvas


Polarizing mathematical interpretation of graffiti with manual introduction of error points to simulate 'blistering' of the image.
Image for entry 'detail of colourful myopia'

detail of colourful myopia


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Image for entry 'Colourful Myopia'

Colourful Myopia


Digital print on canvas + board, gloss polymer


Polarizing interpretation of graffiti to simulate myopic vision problems.