Jeannye Dudley

Project Architect
Stanley Beaman Sears
Atlanta Georgia

After reading Geodesic Math and How to use it; I created a geometric model to study the strength of a tensegrity structure. At the locations for the cables and rods I reverse the material thickness and was amazed that the resulting model was extremely rigid and strong. The dip angle is located at the intersection of each triangle side. With just a line of glue each member begins to work together to resist all forces.

A Study In Propotion and Strength
A Study In Propotion and Strength
9" X 9" x 9"
Basswood 3D Geometric Element

This model is an example of the dip angle, an inverted tensegrity diagram with three interlocking golden sections inscribed within. It is truly amazing how strong this element is each unit gains the strength of all the others. This model is super strong and rigid.