Jo Niemeyer

Schluchsee Germany

The basis of my work as an artist is the connection between art and nature, between the artistic action and the experimental work. This means that my artistic production which is fundamentally based on natural principals and measures is nothing more than a sequence of experimental steps which implies given and objective criteria and subjective factors in the same way.
My main interest is directed to the perception of space, time, distances and proportion and forms the synthesis between art and nature which implies in the end a dialogue between man and nature...

20" x 20"
Archival Inkjet Print

DART a very simple game by Jo Niemeyer 2010

Two dart players, A and B, are facing this "image", whose area is split 1 : 0,618.. into white and black. This two basic elements are rotated in 90° increments. The winner is, who aims first a black part.
Since we have two equal partners and an uneven distribution of the "target", one would think, that this is not a fair game. But it is! Because A as the „majority“, and consequently B as the „minority“ transferred their inequality onto the "court". The ratio of the two playing partners is 1:1.
With this harmonious proportionality there is exactly the same chance to win for both players A and B! The Swiss mathematician Hans Walser mentions for the justice condition, the formula p = 1/2*(3-sqrt(5)). And with sqrt(5), we have the golden section in this game, which ensures equity between different partners.
This is also a very fair game!
Or a piece of art, which ensures harmony and balance.