Andreia Hall

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro

I am interested in linking Mathematics with art using different mediums. Presently I am using patchwork and quilting techniques to reproduce mathematical ideas. Some of my work is inspired on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project site. Recursions, tiling of the plane and Voronoi diagrams are some of the mathematical topics that I've used in my works. I am very happy that the Bridges conferences exist and provide the opportunity for artists and mathematicians to meet.

Squares within a square
Squares within a square
100cm x 100cm
cotton fabrics and thread

This work is a simple yet delightfully elegant fractal obtained from a square. Halving the sides of the square to obtain four equal squares and repeating the procedure over the up-right square, produces a fractal which is characterized by a visual convergence of stair-shaped lines towards the up-right corner of the larger square. This work is a recreation of the fractal using strong coloured cotton fabrics. To enhance the effect of the recursion, blue and red colours alternate along the iterations.