Barry Cipra

Freelance writer
Northfield, MN

I am primarily a writer, but I am fascinated by the relationship of mathematics and art. Each can inspire the other. Mathematical patterns are often visually arresting, and works of art often suggest interesting mathematical problems.

Loopy Love
Loopy Love
11" x 6" x 5"
Letterpress print on paper

"Loopy Love" was composed for a workshop on Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science, held at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS), May 2-7, 2010. The idea was to explore the implications of writing a short story on a möbius strip. The story, a dialog presenting both sides (or is there only one side?) of a twisting love/hate relationship between two characters named Daniel and Danielle, was letterpress printed by Red Dragonfly Press in Red Wing, Minnesota, on Fabriano paper using the font FF Quadraat. Assembled by hand with tape, the resulting scrollable sculpture retains its shape yet remains flexible, so that the reader can easily read the story without ever having to turn the page. Viewers are invited to pick it up, play with the paper, and read the story from start to finish -- except there is no start nor any finish!