Gábor Gondos

Budapest, Hungary

Originally I wanted to make special, form-breaking tiles, and first I made equilateral triangle tiles in my grandfather’s oven. Soon I made tiles with curved shapes but the high possible variation of tiling of these tiles made me think that I should make special jigsaw puzzles instead, so I do. I make puzzles with curved puzzle peaces, there are many ways of assemble, and I try to make them esthetical.

Whirling leaves
Whirling leaves
30 cm in diameter
plexiglass, colored transparent plastic wall-paper

Whirling Leaves is a three-layered, transparent jigsaw puzzle.
The puzzle consists of three flower-shaped frames, one on top of the other, each of which can be filled by small puzzle-pieces. The three puzzle-layers can be assembled in several different ways. The set also contains a bottom and a cover circle-plate, as well as an annulus-frame into which the three flower-shapes fit. Each layer can be rotated 360 degrees around.
When light shines through the differently tinted, transparent pieces, subtractive coloration can be observed: the player can explore this interesting phenomenon while positioning the pieces on each other.
The completed puzzle, fastened by the plates and the annulus can be hanged up in a window.
Mathematical basis: the hidden structure underlying the puzzle is a simple equilateral triangle web. The two smallest pieces symmetrically constitute a triangle, and the bigger pieces are in fact constituted by the two smallest pieces.