John Bishop

Emeritus Professor of Biology
Biology Department, University of Richmond
Baltimore, Md

I lived in Nutley, NJ before going to colleges where I earned degrees from Rutgers University (BA) and Cornell University (MS and PhD). I have had a life-long interest in art, and in retirement, I have spent a lot of time doing art.

I often base my art on concepts. One particular interest is, “ Where does one thing begin and another end? “ Different kinds of edges, end points and surface textures reflect this question in my work. I also like to interject humor and playfulness into some pieces.

24 x 19 x 5

This piece depicts an imaginary musical instrument. The instrument appears to release ovoid sounds from a vibrating contoured surface.

String Theory
String Theory
22 x 24 x 3
oak, screen, fabric

String theory provides a conceptual framework for connecting materials that seem unrelated and separate. The wavy nature of the wood and scintillating diffraction patterns of the screen in this piece are meant to imply energy, even in items that appear inert.