Joseph D. Clinton

design scientist
West Chester, PA USA

The transformation and unity of all things begin with the connection & relationship between the physical and metaphysical duality of Universe.
All that is physical is energy, and all that is matter is the manifestation of energy.
All that is metaphysical are the instructions for behavior of transformations, connections and relationships defining the language for the manifestation between the physical and metaphysical.
As the physical and metaphysical make connection their relationship initiates a transformation of energy to take on a form that we can measure.
I seek to find the language expressing the rules and order in the manifestation.

The Radix Universum Triplets-ingression
The Radix Universum Triplets-ingression
18in X 12in X 12in (Sculpture) 24" X 13in X 12" (Pedestal)
Aluminum - anodized black

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The Radix Universum Triplets-egression
The Radix Universum Triplets-egression
18in X 12in X 12in (Sculpture) 36" X 13in X 12" (Pedestal)
Aluminum - mirror polish

The polycylinderhedron IGIII_EF_C15,C10 is a sculpture of triplets, Radix Universum ingression, Radix Universum transition and Radix Universum egression. They represent the point of entrance and exit of Universe through a vortex of an evolutionary transformation support base titled Aphaia. GIII = Group III = ‘stellated-polycylinderhedron.’ Any symmetry axis set or combination of sets will define a ‘stellated-polycylinderhedron’ by the Boolean operations of the union of axis followed by an intersection of the combined axis sets. The polyhedron axis sets chosen for this sculpture are the Icosahedral-polycylinderhedron axis set F = F1 U F2 U F3 … and the Icosahedral-polycylinderhedron axis set E = E1 U E2 U E3 … [1, 2]
Aphaia’s profile was generated by a rotation of a hyperbolic function, y = 0.1 csch(5x), about the y axis to create the vortex form used as the base of the Radix Universum triplets.