Kyle Calderhead

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Math & CS Dept, Malone University
Canton, OH

I am a mathematician by training who has picked up a habit of crochet and has an interest in the creative visual expression of mathematical ideas. Recent work has centered around the idea that some fractal curves have dimension 2 (i.e. space-filling curves), which is coincidentally the dimension of a blanket (ignoring the thickness, of course).

In a nutshell, I find the strong geometric ordering of iterative fractals provoking, the slow process of embedding them into crocheted work therapeutic, and the contrast between rigid geometry and soft fabric enjoyable.

Crocheted H-Fractal Blanket
Crocheted H-Fractal Blanket
70x45 inches
acrylic yarn

This piece is a crocheted blanket with an H-fractal pattern, using an interlocking mesh technique. I have been interested in the idea of creating patterns based on space-filling curves, and the interlocking technique is useful for creating reasonably crisp patterns that conform to a square grid. This technique is not at all common, but I find the fact that the pattern arises from how two completely separate plain square meshes are interwoven to be quite fascinating.