Marcella Giulia Lorenzi

Artist - researcher
University of Calabria
Arcavacata di Rende, Cosenza, Italy

The word “Photography” comes from two Greek words, Photos (light) and Graphos
(writing, painting), so “drawing with the light”. Taking pictures needs some devices
and a particular process in Space and Time. According to Einstein the basic structure
of our world is SpaceTime and things exist in a spacetime continuum, a world of four
dimensions: height, width, depth and time. A generative process is usually referred to
as “setting in motion”. Motion is the essence of Life. To be alive is to move. Selecting
particular initial conditions, adding a fourth dimension and photographing motion by
means of randomised generative processes can give rise to very expressionistic
results. "Painting with light".
The three images represent an ideal sequence,
from Platonic solids to curved surfaces (wormholes) in three-dimensional space,
from past to future.

Dancing Wormholes
Dancing Wormholes
47x63 cm
Experimental digital photography

This is a real photo, made using experimental techniques.
Reality hides future dimensions.
Through wormholes one can travel in time,
exploring the colors of invisible Universes and tunnelling by a quantum jump into the Future.

In the three images sequence it represents the future, curved surfaces (wormholes) in three-dimensional space.

Luci d'artista - Torino matematica
Luci d'artista - Torino matematica
47x63 cm
Digital photography

Torino (Turin), Italy, is the city of Lagrange and Peano and many other famous mathematicians. At Christmas time the city celebrates with a contemporary art exhibion named "Luci d'artista" (Artists' lights). Among them, "Tappeto volante" (Magic Carpet) Installation in Piazza del Municipio by Daniel Buren. A digital picture of the public installation, taken isolating only the lights, is almost an hypnotic illusion, with mesmerizing perspective effects.
In the three images sequence it represents the past, Platonic solids.

Waves. More than light
Waves. More than light
47x63 cm
Experimental digital photography

Multicolored Sinusoids created using a panning experimental technique on a symmetrical background. Symmetrical rays in the background explode linearly upwards, while lightwaves with all the colors of the spectrum dance on the foreground.
Energy is more than visible light!
In the three images sequence it represents the present, curves in two dimensions.