Samuel Verbiese

Freelance plastician artist
Overijse, Belgium

Besides expressionistic painting and sculpting of the figure and portrait, I am recurrently drawn to geometric projects, probably by previous life experiences in engineering.

This year, still deeply amazed by labyrinths since some ten years, I couldn't help producing a fourth paper on this subject as an unexpected gift of serendipity brought me to an even further morphing of these emblematic patterns, and its showing in the US looks particularly fitting.

Labyrinthic St.Omerization from an Apple-like Dried Florida Grapefruit to a New York Bagel
Labyrinthic St.Omerization from an Apple-like Dried Florida Grapefruit to a New York Bagel
A diameter 85 x height 58 mm dried grapefruit and a diameter 112 x height 40 mm bagel
Dyptic work consisting of two originally edible objects decorated with permanent black ink
2011-2012 and 2012

The work 'St.Omerization of a Grapefruit', shown at the Bridges Exhibit Coimbra 2011 and which was inspired by Carlo Séquin as explained in my paper 'Amazing Labyrinths - further Developments II', dried slowly under my care back home, changing into an apple-like shape with north and south pole dimples. I imagined the poles coming further closer together to a point where an inner hole would appear, transforming the fruit and its labyrinthic decoration into a donut or bagel shape, suggesting that Chartres-like labyrinths could morphe all the way from circular annuli to cylinders to spheres and to tori, which now seems evident indeed.
When realizing also that Carlo amazed all of us at the Coimbra conference with an involved and beautiful talk on tori, I considered that this story had to become an inherent part of this dyptic work, illustrating the rich cross-pollination Bridges brings yearly to our minds. In the US here, where fittingly a Florida fruit combines with a New York pastry !