Anna Ursyn

University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO

Typically, my creation process runs through several stages. First I draw abstract geometric designs for executing my computer programs. I use the computer on different levels. Some of my computer programs produce two dimensional images; others are three — depending on my composition's final dictates. Then I add photographic content using scanners and digital cameras. The programs that produce two-dimensional artwork serve as a point of departure for photolithographs and photo silkscreened prints on canvas and paper. They are included both into my two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. All of these approaches are combined for image creation.

For three-dimensional works, computer programs make representations of masses in a vector mode that shape my wooden and mixed media sculptures. Later, the 3D wireframe designs guide construction of wooden sculptures. I often incorporate the factor of time into the sculpture, giving the viewer the illusion of movement.

An Eclipse
An Eclipse
wooden sculpture

An Eclipse
Astronomical events are being described by mathematical calculations. Observations, sometimes hindered by the obscuring of the light by the passage of a celestial body, can support a theory or stimulate a series of proofs. This work results from exploration about the relations between curvatures, such as ovals or semicircles versus angular shapes, rendered with the aid of a wireframe for rotational ellipsoid that determines this sculpture’s overall structure.

Alternative Explanation
Alternative Explanation
8" x 10"
archival print

Alternative Explanation
Often discrepancy between attempted action and possible ways of solving the problem is unavoidable.
My inspiration came from exploring tension between the regularity of sets of lines, where any stripe that lies between two other lines in this set is also included in the set, and the special cases of the curvatures, the precise meaning of these depending on context. Our individual actions often result from the sets of prearranged plans that have been warped by the contextual events. Unique results of solving an equation depending on variables, and specific circumstances in competing an intended project make any artwork unique.