Ralph Nevins

Spouse of Monica Nevins, Dept of Mathematics, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ralph Nevins is an engineer, computer scientist and artist and has been showing internationally in galleries for the last 7 years.
Slit scan of a rotating plane;
Slit-scan camera images have been done in multiple forms in the past century
(I.E. http://www.flong.com/texts/lists/slit_scan/ an informal review),
The camera used to make this image was created from an Nikon film camera body & desktop scanner, utilizing the sensor (4000x1) & the electronics of the scanner. Software was rewritten to remove unneeded parts (scanner motor) and adjust for infinite paper size. The subject was rotated on a large (46") lazy-susan at approximately 1 rev per min. Two complete revolutions are show in in the picture.
This image is part of a larger body of on going creation of slit-scan works.


Digital slit-scan of a rotating plane with reclining figure;
post-processed via rectangular to polar transformation