Richard Kallweit

New Haven Ct

My artworks are based on investigations into mathematical form concerning the arrangements of units in space. Cubic packing, tesselations ,symmetry, fractals and growth patterns are some of the ideas i've been working with.

These works were developed over long periods of time using these concepts as well some of my own device.The main struggle is to get them to "work" in the old fashioned sense of beauty,harmony and finish (or lack of).

The paintings and structures are sometimes based on such rigid systems it oft feels as if they create themselves as natural phenomena from logical sequence.

Pentagon ( infinite regression )
Pentagon ( infinite regression )
14 in. x 15 in
collage of silkscreened images on paper

Pentagons and pentagonal diamonds cluster and form infinite regression towards vertices.

Triaconthedron sphere
Triaconthedron sphere
12 x12x12 in
printed paper

This is a model of a triacontehedron using minimal surface planes with a infinite regression pattern.