Mehrdad Garousi

Freelance Artist
Hamadan, Iran
Discovery of a way of representing 3D exposures of fractals, with fractional dimensions, digitally was an astonishing landmark that opened new doors toward unknown worlds more tangible for us observing and understanding in a 3D manner. As a fractal artist, I share my explorations within fractal dimensions in the form of still images or, more effectively, 3D fractal animations with the audience.
Sierpinski Dream
Sierpinski Dream
This animation is a representation of a journey inside an endless fractal world embedded inside a limited icosahedral shape. It is a combination of five different fractal formulas, each of which activated at specific iterations. Two well-known examples of them are IcosahedronIFS and Menger3 that make the first icosahedral shape at the beginning of the animation and one of the most interesting parts of the journey that takes place between 1:10 and 1:20 when although it is expected to have the Sierpinski pattern infinitely continued, suddenly at a magnification of 3.3 x 10^8 triangular pattern starts vanishing and a new squarish 3D pattern says hello and it seems as if we are going to have a Menger Sponge! This animation was created in Mandelbulb3D program and more information on its creation could be found in the proceedings of ISAMA 2011. The music of the animation is also composed of a number of mathematical sequences all put together in FractMus 2000 program.