Thomas Britt

Assistant Professor of Film and Video Studies
College of Visual and Performing Arts, George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
This video is an extended trailer for the upcoming documentary companion to "´┐╝Mathematical Sciences Investigation (MSI): Anatomy of Integers and Permutations". Since its inception in 2009, "MSI" has evolved into a multi-platform media event. First advertised as "an experimental work that blurs the boundaries between pure mathematics, film, and live performance", the project also includes an innovative musical score and will culminate in a graphic novel published by Princeton University Press. This extended trailer for the documentary film (directed by Thomas Britt) introduces viewers to characters that represent the various strands of "MSI": Andrew Granville, the mathematician Jennifer Granville, the dramatist Michael Spencer, the designer Robert Schneider, the musician Robert Lewis, the artist Vickie Kearn, the editor
Mathematical Sciences Investigation (MSI): Anatomy of Integers and Permutations
Mathematical Sciences Investigation (MSI): Anatomy of Integers and Permutations
Thomas Britt (documentary director & editor), Andrew Granville & Jennifer Granville (writers of MSI live performance/graphic novel), Michael Spencer (set designer), Robert Schneider (composer), Robert Lewis (illustrator), Vickie Kearn (press editor)
I was inspired to create this movie after being invited to document a live performance of the project at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. At that point, the live performance was the endgame for the project, but the enthusiastic reception caused creators Andrew and Jennifer Granville to explore other formats. Though "pure mathematics" are at the core of "MSI", its concepts are conveyed through various sorts of artistic expression, creating unique combinations of form and content. During the past few years, I have continued to document the project's many artistic components, which include live theatrical performance, an innovative musical score, and a graphic novel. The graphic novel, scheduled for publication by Princeton University Press, is the culminating work of "MSI"'s evolution. My documentary will serve as a companion to the project, and its release will coincide with the publication of the graphic novel.