Mike Naylor

Researcher, Artistic Director
Trondheim, Norway

I enjoy creating mathematical artwork with multiple interpretations and hidden ideas that can be revealed by thoughtful inspection. Much of my artwork focuses on the use of the human body to represent geometric concepts, but I also enjoy creating abstract works that capture mathematical ideas in ways that are pleasing, surprising and invite further reflection.

Human Platonic Transform
Human Platonic Transform
8 in x 10 in
Animation in digital frame

This digital work shows 6 human figures forming a polyhedron. The camera gently floats in a gallery setting as the polyhedron slowly rotates and and transforms into another polyhedron, cycling through all 5 platonic solids and then transforming to the initial arrangement. With use of six identical figures, this work highlights relationships between the polyhedra.

The animation is presented in a digital frame.

52 cm x 42 cm
Digital print

This image is a visualization of binary numbers from 0000 to 1111. The number sequence is repeated, one sequence appearing from top to bottom and the other rotated to appear from bottom to top. 0s and 1s are represented by green and black coloring, with white outlines added to highlight the shapes of fish swimming in seaweed.