Annie Verhoeven


As a visual artist, Annie Verhoeven has developed a very unusual and unique technique to make her artwork, which she has named “thread-art”. In order to develop these different techniques and create her artworks, Annie started her own atelier in 2003 where she continually searches for new applications, forms and materials for her ideas. Inspiration is drawn from everyday life, with theme’s like action and reaction, growth and collaboration, connecting different worlds and life and farewells. The foundations of “thread-art” technique are found in the traditional craft of lace-making, a skill Annie Verhoeven has had classical training in. But the finished products are far from traditional: by completely reinventing the old methods and letting go of some of the traditions lace no longer functions as just a piece of two-dimensional fabric, but becomes art in an enormous variation of sizes, shapes and dimensions.

20x20x20 cm
stainless steel-cotton- rubber- plexiglass

Mathematics are a integral part of my artwork. It is visible in the finished work; from the way different sections relate to one another to the proportions of the thread and open space in my work. But just as important are the “invisible mathematics”. These range from the calculations needed to determine the proper proportions of different hardening materials to the scales with which the gradations of colors are chosen. Naturally, math fulfils a crucial part in the presented artwork, both concept wise as in its production. “Touch-graph” visualizes a computer program used to show different connections between people. The different colored lines symbolize the different types of contact between people, such as contacts used to consult or, symbolized by another color, the contacts used for discussion. All these different connections are used in our life on every level, be it scientific, religious, political or otherwise and can help us determine where we stand in these matters.