Zsuzsa Dárdai

media artist
Mobile MADI Museum

Through my project “Life in the Lifeless”, I wanted to rely on the resources of the nature and use various technologies to provide a possible way of mutual correspondence: as creative artists, we propose to act as interpreters between nature, science, and art, and we attempt to set into motion the thoughts that should follow the queries into the mysteries of nature. Nature is not static but characterised by a kind of dynamism, motion and growth, as a tree, an animal, or a human being develops and grows. And art tries to imitate this growth through the use of different forms; this is how paintings, sculptures, mobiles, simulations, automates, fractals, etc., emerge. Computers are also available to model this development.

60x120 cm
ink-jet on canvas

Dentrite Crystalscapes

In a small town in South France, among building materials, we came across stones whose surface was seemingly covered by “bushes, trees, and flowers.” We were eager to find out about their origins, and thus I came to know that they were the “inorganic” objects of nature, so-called dendrite crystals, growing in the same way as plants. During the digital reworking of the forms of these stone pieces, we had to pay careful attention not to offend the original creative genius through our “artistic” activity. Throughout the process, we have searched for the synchronicity between natural and artificial images – visual signs and phenomena – and projected the “abstract wonder of creation” through the electronic media.