Paul Gailiunas

Newcastle UK

I have participated in every Bridges conference since 2000, and exhibited artwork since 2007, usually related to my conference presentation. I am interested in any visually interesting manifestation of mathematics, and have used a variety of media at various times: paper or card models, geometrical drawings, computer images, and I have used mathematically inspired designs in leather bookbindings. The use of basketry is fairly new to me, although I exhibited two skew mad weave tetrahedra at Bridges Coimbra. Since then I have investigated the ways in which the strands in mad weave can be coloured to produce reasonably small regular patterns (which can be perceived quickly and easily). There are quite few, and the number is further reduced if mad weave is used to create polyhedra. The collection displays all the possibilities apart from the simple tetrahedron presented two years ago.

skew mad weave polyhedra
skew mad weave polyhedra
4" x 18" x 4"
plastic strapping

The polyhedra are made using a basketry technique call mad weave, and the edges are not aligned with the axes of the weave structure (hence "skew"). Very few coloured patterns can be used to make polyhedra like this, and all the reasonably small possibilities (apart from the simple tetrahedron exhibited at Coimbra) are displayed.