Kazmier Maslanka

Mathematical Poet
United States

"As an artist, my interest in correlating experience through language spawned my desire to study mathematics and physics. I am currently pursuing my interest in using mathematics as a language for art. I serve the concept of polyaesthetics and mathematical poetry by viewing mathematical equations and the variables within the equations as capable of providing the structure for metaphors. Furthermore this method pushes the boundary for the use of mathematical equations from the traditional role of denotation into a new role of connotation. Mixing poetics in the structure of mathematics equations enables me to blend the aesthetics of poetry, science and mathematics. With phrases embedded in the mathematics equations, one can construct relationships between the phrases that can bring a linguistic richness to subjects that normally not use mathematics as a language, e.g. cultural, spiritual, etc."

Sunset Sutra
Sunset Sutra
11 x14
Digital Print On Paper

Much of my recent work is inspired by my studies and practice of Korean Zen. Living in the present moment takes practice and the sunset is a perfect tool to notice the power of the present moment - for if not living in the moment you will miss the sunset. The most spectacular sunset that I have ever seen was from the window of an airplane. This photographic image was shot during that sunset. The mathematical poem is in the form of what I call an ‘orthogonal space’ poem - which is always in the form of a = bc (or its syntactical equivalent e.g. b = a/c or c = a/b ). One may notice that the sunset is not as important when the time approaches zero and the phenomena of Dharma approaches infinity. One of the aesthetic that excites me most comes from pondering how math functions in the mind and its relationship to the spectrum of all mental phenomena. I see math illuminating the logical structure of the mind and poetic metaphor being a wind blowing through that structure.