Mark Bakema

Modular Artist
Enschede, Netherlands

My work is about moving dimensions, space, none-space, analogue and digital. It is a merge consisting of 3D-space made of vectors and pixels. This 3D-space is printed into the real world by a lasercutter and put together by hand. The different systems i made are a important part of my work. All the cubes are numbered and put into a file in an numbered project folder. My works base are the archives I created. I try to investigate the borders of basic geometry and space through a linear work process. This combined with affections and intrests is what makes my work.

250mm X 250mm x 300mm
Perspex, lasercutting, 3D-modeling

#7_Merge_I is concisting out of tree geometrical shapes projected to each of the diffrent mathematical axes X Y and Z the shapes are triangle, Square and Round. This shapes are formed by the surrounding boxes. Its a non existing shape, A theorie.