Mojgan Lisar

Artist and Art Therapist
Enschede, the Netherlands

My art Tazhib (Illumination) is a classical persian design art, which was used originally for the decoration of books. My Tazhib artworks are more contemporary in the selection of colors and the execution of curves compared to some more traditional artists. All the fine details in a Tazhib artwork are executed by hands.

Pentagonal Shamseh
Pentagonal Shamseh
75x75 cm
Metallic paint on paper

The "Pentagonal Shamseh" is a Tazhib artwork based on the properties of the regular Pentagon and decagon. Using a (10, 3) Star polygon, a figure created from connecting every third vertex in a set of 10 equally spaced points on a circle in one direction in one stroke, a regular concave five pointed star polygon can be created. This star includes angles of 72 degrees. The "Pentagonal Shamseh" presents a nested series of aforementioned five pointed star in different sizes using the golden number as a ratio between each two consecutive stars.